Closing Process

Understanding the Closing Process

The day has come - you are closing on your new home. Congratulations!

Prior-to-Closing Conditions

Underwriters, often times, may require additional information prior to closing even though your lender pre-approved you. Below are common conditions an underwriter might request.

  • Updated Income/Asset Documentation
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Employment Verification
  • Funds for Closing
  • Title and Judgment Searches
  • Homeowners and Flood Insurance Coverage

At your closing, you will be provided with a full list broken down of all fees and costs. Bring proof of identification - either a driver's license, State ID card or passport. Also, if you are required to bring money to the table - either for closing costs or down payment - a certified check is required.

Familiarize yourself with these common terms for closing.

  • Docs Sent - generally means your approved and has been sent to the closing agent.
  • Docs Signed - It's all official. Everyone has signed on the dotted line all paperwork between the seller and buyer.
  • Funded - Funds have been transferred from the lender to the closing agent.
  • Recorded - The recording of the deeds transfers title and legal ownership to the new property buyer.
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